About Cottonwood Whispers Design

Call me a geek, but...

my favorite thing to do is to take a design  we create together and make it come alive on the web.

Long before I acquired my Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Arts, I was creating graphics on the computer. Even in the early 90’s with the rudimentary software available to a teenager, I was doing art online and making  programs and posters. It wasn’t until 2002 that I realized I could wrap up my passion for art, music, and the computer and make a career out of it as a graphic designer. I was off like a shot to make that happen.

Right after graduation in May of 2004, I worked for a company that created promotional products; mostly t-shirts. I honed my Illustrator skills here and learned all about the screen printing process. 

Since then, I’ve worked for a variety of businesses each requiring their own mix of skills from me. I have everything from photography to prepping files for print to designing digital advertising campaigns and stage art for large outdoor concerts. 

Since the birth of my son, I’ve stopped working outside the home and have focused on my freelance business. I never thought I would get to work from home but I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to do so. I love the freedom this offers as well as the day to day variety.  I love my job! 

I’ve gradually shifted from just graphic design services to more and more web design, hosting and management. Because I have a husband who understands how to set up the admin side of websites and fix just about anything technical, he works with me to service our customers, helping with everything that’s not design related. So when I refer to “US” at Cottonwood Whispers, it’s me and my husband doing it all. 

When I’m not being a creative geek, I most love hanging out with my husband and son. And our pets, two Havanese dogs; Toby and Tinley, and our cat, Tux, the chief paperweight. I love to cook, bike, and I’m a huge bookworm. 


3 Reasons to Work With Me

I'm not afraid to be different

I may run a small business, but I thrive on creativity and dismissing labels. You won’t see any cookie-cutter templates around here! 

I'm Patient

I get it – wrapping your head around all the design + technology jargon is hard. But don’t worry, I'm patient and will work with you every step of the way. 

I'm your design partner

No more website horror stories or designers leaving you hanging. I have been helping small businesses and start-ups get their design work completed without the drama. I want your design journey to be an amazing one.


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I want you to


I have creative


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my goals are result-



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