Website Rebuild

Complete website rebuilding, for a sun spa in Topeka, Kansas. Sunsations has been serving the Topeka area for over seventeen years and offer an array of services to help you look and feel your very best from UV tanning to Infrared Massages.


Sunsations owner Kelly had been managing her own site on the Wix platform for some time. Her website needed fresh branding as well as a complete overhaul of content organization to make sense of the variety of services she offers to her customers.

First, modified her existing logo to match the look and feel of her salon today, without losing the original recognizable elements of her logo. 

Then we went to town on her website, rebuilding it from the ground up in a self-hosted WordPress site that will allow her to flex and grow as her business does. We rewrote much of the content, got fresh photos of her staff and her salon, and worked to give her services a presentation that would be appealing to visitor and guide them to make an appointment. 

Since launch, she has seen a tremendous response from not only new customers, but existing ones who comment on the services they see on her website she never even knew she offered. It has been a fantastic rebrand and Kelly is proud to promote her site now.