Scott Chiropractic

Website Rebuild

Complete website rebuilding, for a chiropractor in Knoxville, Tennessee. Scott Chiropractic has been serving the Knoxville area for over twenty seven years and are the trusted chiropractor for the area. He offers Chiropractic, Family Chiropractic and Wellness Care services.


Scott Chiropractic had a hot mess on their hands when they came to us – their previous company that handled everything for them from design to SEO work – as well as their ad campaign – had gone MIA. But what’s worse is their site was tanking on Google and it needed some serious updates. 

We set to work right away solving the immediate issues of getting their presence back online with a temporary one-page website with the basic contact and appointment information within easy reach for any visiting customers. 

From there we set to designing a new website that was streamlined with the most important information, highlights what they do, is beautiful and easy to navigate, but most importantly gives the single message of “make an appointment” to the visitor. 

From there, we connected some social proof, added some testimonial videos, and unified the whole thing with a bright orange accent color (a nod to the University of Tennessee.) We updated his logo from green to orange as well. 

The results have been fantastic – once again, Scott Chiropractic is dominating the area with a website he’s proud to share and that’s easy to update.