Helen Crow, Realtor

Logo, Website Build and Print Design

Custom logo redesign, website build and complete rebranding for an expert realtor who has served the Topeka, Kansas area for over thirty years. She’s excellent at what she does and knows all things about the area. She is a Topeka native who loves her city.


Helen Crow is known so well in Topeka, she is almost an institution in and of herself. Creating a website for her needed to be above and beyond! And not only should it reflect her personality it needed to showcase her knowledge and rich experience as well.

Up until she came to CottonwoodWhispers, she’d been using a realtor template site. It wasn’t living up to expectations, so we scrapped the whole thing and built her a custom site from the ground up. Her signature color is red, so we used that to build on a “Real Estate Tool Box” theme. It was made to order for highlighting the vast number of reasons you’d want to choose her to help you buy or sell a home in the area. 

In the process of designing her website, it was determined a fresh new logo was needed. So I created that for her too, so it matches visually and speaks to her expertise and quality of service. 

Long before ever embarking on a website for Helen, she hired CottonwoodWhispers to create her annual Valentine’s Day card for several years. She uses this as both a social holiday card and a marketing device to keep her name in the front of clients’ minds. Working with Helen is a pleasure and a delight and we look forward to many years serving her going forward. 


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Carol Gallmeyer (Cottonwood Whispers' owner) is a gifted magician. She can make beauty out of thin air OR out of amateurish photos and text OR out of half-baked notions. I know because she has been raising the bar for me in all of those arenas for years.

My website. The Topeka High Historical Society's website. My advertising-by-mail campaigns. My family Christmas cards including multi-page stories I shared with friends. I give Carol my rough ideas and she gives them back to me looking professional, glossy and polished, assembled in better ways than I could have ever envisioned. Thrilling.

Carol even helps me with wording and grammar! She knows PUNCH.

My only frustration with Carol is that she is too humble. I think that she doesn't charge enough for her time. For instance, working with Hall's Commercial Printing for paper goods like photo cards, advertising fliers, and stationery, under Carol's sophisticated eye and supervision I get better, more personalized cards and advertising than I could get elsewhere, and I get it all for half the price I would pay elsewhere.
topeka realtor client business portrait
Helen Crow
Kirk & Cobb, Inc., Realtor