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Phoenix Marketing Group is a new kind of marketing agency. The look at each client individually and custom design a unique approach to obtain their goals, needs and their wants rather than applying a “cookie cutter” approach to each project. 


Seth launched Phoenix Marketing Group in 2020 and he needed a professional, modern, high-quality website to attract new clients. He needed to clearly and simply communicate some basic information and examples showcasing his work. Adding an easy to access contact form and making the phone number appear on each page was also important. In the end, Phoenix Marketing Group can present their services with style. 


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When I started my company I created a webpage on GoDaddy using one of their templates. It was only one page and it served its purpose for a brief time. I reached out to Carol because I needed to get a full, professional website done as my company was growing. I gave her basically no information or direction. I sent her a few examples of what I liked and didn’t like but, really, she was starting with little to go on. Carol absolutely crushed it. She took what little information I gave her and ran with it and from the very first concept that she sent to me, my attitude about this website completely changed. At the time I started this process, it was just another tedious task that I needed to get done, however, her designs got me excited about the project and the possibilities. By the end, this project had gone from me just needing a website so potential clients knew that I was an actual company, to a website that I am VERY proud of. I WANT to send people to my website now to show it off. She made the process simple and delivered results that I couldn’t have even dreamed of when I first started. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
Seth Stevens
Seth Stevens
Owner, Phoenix Marketing Group