Topeka Independent Business Association

Website Build & Graphic Design

Website service, updates and ongoing management for a group of local business professionals. The group networks, primarily to grow their businesses, but also to be involved in the community and to lobby for fair business practices. 


The independent business association originally came to Cottonwood Whispers because they were unhappy with the service they were receiving for their website. Updates were getting missed and security was severely lacking. They wanted to be able to accept membership applications online and advertise, and to take payment for their monthly luncheon. Also, they wanted to encourage members to sign up for the newsletter.


Using the existing content as a guide, I created an engaging, easy to navigate site, highlighting the benefits of becoming a member. Payments are accepted online for membership applications, and lunch RSVPs, along with a variety of events they offer throughout the year. Recently added was a searchable extensive membership directory as well. I continue to support our local group through the creation of digital and print materials as well as maintaining the website. 


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